TESOL course of English Teaching


English has been playing an important role in our society. It is an important tool for us to communicate with foreign friends, do business, learn foreign culture and world news. In recent years, parents pay more attention to cultivate children's English language ability and comprehensive level. As an English teacher, I realized that in order to improve children's comprehensive English level rather than simply taking exams, we need to learn more excellent experience, and in the process of exploration, I came into contact with TESOL course. The philosophy of TESOL teaching is also the most advanced teaching methods at present.


Comparison between TESOL and past methods

Several years ago, most of us learn English when we were at age of 12. The goals of teaching were high marks.Grammar,structure of sentences were focused and there were no activities in class. The level of students' English is tested just by examinations.So lots of students who had high marks couldn't speak English.

But in contrast,TESOL teaching methods aim at taking students as the main body without fixed teaching materials. Teaching activities are designed with students as the main body, students are divided into group discussions in class, and finally students are invited to demonstrate classroom content on stage. the level of students are tested by all aspects, not just by examinations. Students are centered in class and the whole class will be more colorful and cheerful. Teachers should use various approaches to encouragestudents to learn English effectively.Students can learn a lot in class, such as communication skills, culture awareness beside English.

TESOL teacher's language teaching skills.

As English teachers, we pay little attention to our own teaching language, sometimes a simple English teaching instruction, but the students do not know. Or sometimes fail to express a complex instruction clearly, students are often at a loss. These problems have greatly affected the normal teaching order of English class. In the course of teaching and training in TESOL classroom, the experienced teachers are committed to helping us improve our language proficiency, giving us full opportunities to use the classroom language, and providing appropriate pronunciation, intonation and grammar guidance.

Some effective TESOL teaching methods

In my opinion,Communicative approach is an effective method to teach English in class.The Communicative Approach is an approach to foreign or second language teaching which emphasizes that the goal of language learning is communicative competence.Teaching materials used with the Communicative approach often teach the language needed to express and understand different kinds of functions.

The approach follows a National syllabus and emphasizes the processes of communication to get information, and using language for social interaction with other people.Students should combine what they learned in class with the real life. Teachers should create ore real situations for students to practice.Students will feel more confident and find the importance of learning English. For example, in order to improve students' ability of listening,teachers can choose different conversations in all kinds of situations,which are good for listening. Such as telephone conversations about business,conversations with foreigners, watching TV in English shop assistants who sells goods to foreigners and hotel services.I think the most important skill is speaking. In order to practice the skill, the teacher should design tasks,in which the language proficiency level of the students should be take into consideration.The tasks should be based on the level of students and they will feel more confident.

Making a speech by the students on duty will develop students'intelligential factor and non-intelliqential factor.Students must use their head to complete the materials before they make a speech. They not only consider how to use new knowledge but also compile

it well. Students creatively use and exert the language they have learned in the whole course.Besides giving chance for students to carry on language practice in class,we may encourage students to take part in English corner. Or we may have a Christmas party and let them know the culture and custom of foreign countries. That will greatly arouse their interest.



In general,English teaching must consider training students' communicative competence as its final target.Teachers should keep learning and try to help students learn English effectively.TESOL teaching method. This module is mainly based on the current English Language Teaching methodology and inspires us to reflect on the classroom practice of English Teaching in China. Some of the theoretical courses include "learning by doing", "task-driven learning" and some macro teaching skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). All macro teaching skills are not a single training mode, through a variety of clever classroom activities, greatly improve the enthusiasm of students to learn and the effectiveness of teaching. TESOL teaching is a knowledge that requires us to innovate and actively adapt to the teaching requirements of the new era. We should be aware of the different cultural backgrounds of different countries, and give full play to our teaching skills in teaching practice. We should be good at thinking and discovering, and grow together with students.