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    Online TESOL/CELTA Course
    What is the difference between TESOL and CELTA?

    TESOL is the Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate, and CELTA is the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults.  There is little difference between them, although generally speaking TESOL is a US recognised certificate, and CELTA is a British recognised certificate.  (Trinity TESOL from the UK is a notable exception to this generalisation.)

    Our TESOL/CELTA course is a comprehensive course which should be accepted by all English Language schools.  The full syllabus is detailed here.  The online ourse is conducted at your own pace, and is equal to studying six-weeks in a full-time setting.

    Our school is accredited with IPELT (Institute of Professional English Language Teaching).

    General Requirements

    To undertake the TESOL/CELTA course:

    • You should be at least 17 years of age, and
    • you should be either a native speaker of English, or a near-native speaker.

     If you are in doubt, please email us to arrange a telephone consultation.  We do not want you to pay for a course only to find that you cannot get employed because your English is not of a high enough standard.

    Practical Teaching Components

    To complete this course, you must complete three supervised practical sessions.  You need to find a qualified teacher who is prepared to supervise your practical teaching, and complete our observation forms.  Full details of the practical teaching sessions can be found here

    Requirements for Supervising Teacher for Practical Teaching Components

    The teacher who supervises your teaching practicum should be currently employed as a teacher in a Government or Private school, College, Institute or University.  Full details of the requirement can be found here.


    Last updated Friday, 13 November 2009