Since 2004

Kyiv English Language Centre was formed in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2004. We have been teaching English to students in Ukraine, China, India and the Philippines since 2004. Our first TESOL CELTA class was held in Kyiv in 2006, and we now have graduates in eleven countries.

  • Study at your own pace
  • Take as long as you need to complete the course
  • Finish the course as quickly as your abilities and knowledge will allow
This course was almost as good as attending a course.  Their mentor/supervisor/assessor system is fantastic.  I learned so much and was so confident that I aced my first interview!

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Currently there are two tests, a free Foundation in TESOL Teaching course and the paid 160 hour Certificate in TESOL-CELTA.  

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Travel and Work

We often read about how teaching English is the perfect way to travel and work.  And in some ways this is true.  All too often people think that they can teach a little English, travel, teach a little English and do some more travelling.  The reality is that you will get a job, and you will teach either full-time or part-time.  Your travels will be limited to  your days when you’re not working.  There are ample holiday periods for longer travels, especially in the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and around the Chinese New Year is China and some other Asian countries.

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